Green Anki – “Holland” tapestry tote bag


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A seemingly normal tote bag – but with a few extra advantages. Firstly, each bag is unique – variations in waterproofing, tapestry design or lining ensure that nobody else will have a bag quite like you! Tote bags are easy to drop or scuff on a damp pavement; with this one, it’s not the end of the world. The base is hard wearing waterproof canvas. Tote bags often have issues with the handles coming off or breaking; with this one, the handles are made from the same strong tapestry fabric as the body, they go all the way around to the base of the bag between the cotton lining and the outer tapestry fabric, and are stitched to within an inch of their lives! Things you put in tote bags often drop to the bottom and are impossible to find; this bag has two sturdily attached pockets on the inside. Finally, the bag is actually rather classy; make a statement while you’re doing the weekly shop, browsing the stalls at a show or craft fair, or taking your hobby materials to your weekly get-together.


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